If like me, you enjoy fashion but you don’t take it too seriously, then you’ve come to the right place!

I post a few wardrobe pictures each week on the ‘gram and it looks like I live a very glam life. The reality is, as much as I love getting dressed up for TV or ‘real world’ events, I do spend most of the week in runners, skinny jeans and oversized jumpers.  As much as I get hugely excited about a fabulous dress that could literally make my heart sing, I have to be real. I do the school run three days a week!

So,  I’m going to populate this fashion section with stuff I love from the outfits you’ll see me wear on-air to the perfect jeans or summer heels I’m swooning over in real life. Like many of you, I’m a high street girl (with the odd cheeky splurge when I decide that I’ve changed enough dirty nappies to deserve something special!).

Soft silver midi (goes with everything!) and lightning tee, both linked below.

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