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Winner alright!

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Anna’s Weekly Wine (wine not whine – promise!)

It might be Friday (yay!) but it’s my Wednesday.

However, I won’t throw shade on your weekend cheer, like.

Working weekends doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in a glass of wine on a Friday evening however…life’s too short. But what to buy? Do you ever stand in your local wine shop or supermarket feeling bewildered and uninspired? So do I. That’s why I just get a recommendation now. A steer from an expert. This week I’ve called on all-round wine aficionado David Whelehan of www.whelehanswines.ie  He never makes a ‘pour’ decision and definitely knows how to ‘wine down’!

(Pic via Pineterest)

Puns aside, it’s all about the Albarino grape this year and this week’s recommendation is called the Rula Albarino 2017 and retails at about €14.95. David informs me it’s got classic apricot and peach notes, is very refreshing and quite moreish. I’m thirsty already! The zesty grape is also made for sunny weather (here’s hoping) and perfect with seafood.

Rula Albarino 2017 €14.95 

Note – Albarino originates mostly in Galicia (Spain), Moncao (Portugal) and Melgaco (Portugal) Sweetness of grape – dry.

Happy Friday. Hic!