Winner alright!

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Bananas for mellow yellow

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I’m going for a cheeky Italian tonight…

When you hear the word ‘Pecorino’ you’d be forgiven for thinking of a salty Italian cheese but the Pecorino grape variety is also something well worth noting and gets our spotlight this weekend. Native to Marche, the eastern province of Italy, there’s nothing cheesy about this cheeky white. My go-to wine pal David Whelehan from reliably informs me that this Fonte Venna Pecorino is an amazing white wine for its price (retails at approx. €14.95). It’s elegant bouquet of wild flowers preludes a fresh, full plate with notes of ripe fruit, liquorice and honey.

The Fonte Venna Pecorino, €14.95

Sound like I know what I’m talking about? Thank goodness for wine buffs in my contacts list!

For me this sounds like an affordable departure from the ordinary.

Cheers & Happy Friday.


Anna x