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Mercury rising: heatwave basics!

Anyone else seriously struggling for the right clothes to wear in this heatwave?  As the mercury rose, I quickly realised my summer wardrobe is anything but tropical. I either have normal-weather clothes (jeans) or holiday clothes that are fine when no one else sees me but I’d rather die than do the school / summer camp run in my flimsy sun dress that needs a bikini underneath (rather than a visible nude bra!) to make it even half acceptable.

The weather, for the record, is absolutely glorious and I don’t want it to change (although a drop of water for my hanging baskets would be nice!) but it has presented me a gap in my wardrobe between the fancy stuff, the day to day normal-weather stuff and the ‘I’m not brave enough to wear my holiday dresses here at home’  stuff. I discovered this week that I actually didn’t own a pair of shorts that I would wear here in Ireland. So, several online searches of ‘loose shorts’ / ‘city shorts’ / ‘light shorts’ / ‘day dresses’ / ‘summer dresses’ later and I’ve got a load of very suitable choices. And yes I’ve invested. Some have arrived, some on the way….. Like wardrobe space wasn’t already at a premium, I’ll now need a ‘summer clothes to wear in Ireland’ section of my closet!

Here’s hoping some of this stuff works for you too…happy shopping! X

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