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Rosacea anyone?!

So I’ve managed to escape acne or any real skin breakouts my entire life. Until now that is! It seems in the last year I have these red, dotty patches on my cheeks and forehead and although it’s possible to cover them up with makeup, I love to go fresh-faced and makeup-free on my days off so this redness is something that I wanted to treat.

My GP suggested a dermatologist appointment so I’ve been attending Dr Mulrooney in the Mulrooney Clinic in Dublin (as a paying client) and so far I’ve had a peel (texture better but redness still there) and a prescription for a list of skincare. I did let the dermatologist in on the fact that I have a role as an ambassador for La Roche-Posay (a brand I’ve trusted for years and used both on myself and on the kids without ever a concern that it wouldn’t be kind, gentle and safe) and that I’d love to use their products. It seems Dr Mulrooney regularly recommends their products and was able to scribble down a list of the products I need to be using, religiously!

For anyone who might be in the same boat and horrified about a sudden breakout,  here’s the list I was given bearing in mind my skin type is ‘combination’.

My new skincare regime.

Cleanser – 

Effeclar purifying foaming gel and/or Toleriane dermo cleanser

Serum – 

Hydraphase intense serum

Moisturiser – 

Rosaliac CC creme (this is a real hero product in my opinion – it’s tinted so there’s coverage, it’s SPF 30 and it’s a moisturiser.


Hydraphase intense riche moisturiser (I’ve been mixing these two products and it works well).

I’ve also been trying to get more sleep, drink more water etc etc! We all know the lifestyle changes that will help but actually making them a reality can be trickier, right?!  Love to hear your feedback and if any of the above products have worked for you or you’ve found some other groundbreaking solution.

I’ll keep you posted with skin updates at my end!

Anna x