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Rose-colored bubbles anyone?!

Maybe you’re a real romantic at heart and today is one you thoroughly embrace. Or, perhaps today is a gigantic pain in the ass and you think it’s just a consumer-driven trivial interpretation of love day. Regardless, there’s nothing like some rose-colored bubbles to lift even the most cynical of spirits this Valentines…

Here’s my wine of the week!

Valhondo Brut Cava Rosado

On promotion until Sunday 17th February in O’Briens wine shops is reduced to €12.95 from €17.95!

Cava v’s Champagne? 
Cava is made in the same method as Champagne with the bubbles produced by a second fermentation occurring inside the bottle. And with all Cava coming from the warm Spanish climate they offer plenty of ripe fruit flavours. The Valhondo Rosado comes from the heart of Cava production in Catalunya and is rich and persistent, bursting with crushed ripe berries and a creamy mousse of bubbles. This would be delicious with a luxurious box of truffles so now you know what goes with it too!

Happy Valentines all! X


Oh and drink responsibly!