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Running wild from leopard print? Not anymore!

Until very recently, I would’ve run wild from anything remotely resembling leopard print or an animal print pattern. That is until recently when I not only started to like the tones and the warmth of it but could run the risk of going full wildcat at times if I didn’t rein myself back in! The Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli has long been a champion of the exotic animal print and it never did much for me. Corrie’s Bet Lynch and Eastender’s Kat Slater probably didn’t do much to alter my opinion either.


Wearing a leopard print dress on Saturday AM before it landed in store thanks to stylist Roxanne Parker who picked it up at a River Island press event. (See below for a link to buy this exact dress).


What changes my perception is when the likes of Tom Ford starts doing it in his ridiculously elegant way. And then DVF joins in with MK and VB. And sure once VB was on it there was no convincing needed. Then you see the likes of style goddess Olivia Palermo wearing it and not just touches of it, she’s gone full wild-cat in head to toe leopard print that I think looks beautiful (see below). All about the hanger of course but fabulous nonetheless. 


The dress sold out fast when Caroline Flack released this image of her wearing the dress on her instagram page. It’s back on sale now (see my shoppable link!)



Style icon Olivia Palermo wearing a touch of leopard print for an effortlessly chic look.


The style icon Olivia Palermo wears head to toe leopard print

So, whether it’s date night, a stay-cation, a holiday night out or a big occasion, let’s go wildly chic rather than running wild from this age-old trend.  I’ve put together a selection below of the lovable leopard pieces I’ve discovered online. Wear it your way. Just not Kat Slater’s!

Another leopard print dress for Saturday AM from The Showroom, fashion city.

(Please note, should you shop any of the above links I may receive a commission)