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The business of beauty and making your escape…

Someone remarked recently about how ‘you telly people get all sorts of treatments done’, referring to the various cosmetic offerings out there to keep skin looking young, plump and HD ready. It made me laugh. Let alone have I not explored the vast array of fancy facial technology but I hadn’t had a basic facial in about two and a half years. So, I added ‘facial’ to the ever-expanding to-do list in my head. It would most likely sit there for quite some time because there isn’t exactly a huge urgency around having a facial. It’s not like a smear test or mole mapping, stuff you might put off but know you actually need to do. Yep, this one was going on the long finger. That is until a sunny email blazed in to my inbox with great enthusiasm the following morning. Timing doesn’t get much better, this email was practically singing to me. It was from the PR company for beauty brand Shiseido asking if I’d like to join them in the Westbury hotel to experience their signature ‘YUTAKA facial treatment’. YES I WOULD. This was a traditional Japanese facial, non-invasive. I was there. I didn’t have the time but I’d make time. And this is the bit I’m driving home here. The ‘carving some time out for yourself’ bit.

Can I take a moment to sympathise with the working Mum’s reading this who, like myself, are either in work (for which the childcare is arranged) or you’re with the kids. There’s often no downtime. No time for a random facial or dental visit or just to sit and stare out of a coffee shop window and breathe for half an hour?! If any of that sounds familiar, here’s your sister. So, this one time (in band-camp) I decided that I’d book a babysitter and make that time for myself.

The long and short of it? I got the most beautiful facial from the most gorgeous therapist in the most fabulous of surroundings. My therapist (Sammi) used Shiseido products (which are heavenly by the way) and there was a luxurious massage with gently warmed porcelain stones combined with soothing scents of Japanese fragrances and the perfect balance of strong but gentle touch and warmth. My skin has never felt so clean afterwards and my skin’s clarity improved. Most importantly however, I was walking on air. I walked down Grafton Street and felt lighter and brighter after my sensory experience and thought about the importance of breaking away from it all. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious Shiseido facial you go out for, it could just be to sit and read your book in your favourite coffee shop or a walk in the park to switch off from nappies and batch cooking (I haven’t batch-cooked since baby number 2 but thought I’d throw it in there!!).

We adore our kids, our families, we’re lucky to have homes and warmth and love (before anyone decides to highlight all of this) but from time to time we all need a Shiseido day.
Go arrange yours!
More info on www.shiseido.com