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Let’s talk about brows…

Who doesn’t want a strong eyebrow game?

I long for the kind of brows the original supermodels of the 90’s rocked. I’m talking Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista etc. You know the brows I’m referring to; not the awful drawn-on ones we see everywhere these days but the fuller, natural brow that still had precision arches but without looking overly manicured. It was the perfect balance. Nowadays we’ve gone too far. Too sculpted. Too try-hard.

Pic via Pinterest

In an effort to have Cindy style brows, I’m trying a pick ‘n mix of brow gels and waxes topped up with vaseline (my brow girl Jessica in Doe Eyes, Delgany swears by vaseline!) and coconut oil and random drops of castor oil when I think of it. It’s tricky to track progress because I tend to ‘lash’ on such a variety of products and potions. What I have learned is –

  • You need to do the same thing every night, night after night with serious dedication. No hitting and missing (that’s me!)
  • The Mavala double-lash works, albeit very slowly, on lashes.
  • My latest product is the FEG eyebrow gel and eyelash enhancer. The FEG products are tried and tested by one of my best pals who’s lashes are AMAZING as a result. I actually thought she had fake lashes until she explained! My pal in question did reiterate my point above, you need to be religious about the application. I did try to find a link to these products to put with the below links but no luck. I bought mine on some random site and it took weeks to arrive, just fyi.
  • The Benefit Browzings set is the most effective kit for filling in and shaping brows, followed closely by the Charlotte Tilbury brow brush. Links to these are below!

So, I’ll press on with my nightly routine and I’ll keep you posted on what’s working and what isn’t. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this, what’s working for you? Have you done the whole microblading/microshading business? Another friend of mine went to the Lash Lounge in Rathfarnham to get this done and saw fantastic results.  I’m wide open to ideas/suggestions on this front and will publish your feedback in my next update! Also, love to hear your product recommendations! 

Keep the feedback coming…it’s how ‘eye’ roll! (sorry!)