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The Dyson Supersonic – a hair-raising experience?

If your hair looks good, you can deal with anything. You know that feeling, right?

Pic via Pinterest.

So, this is an honest review of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer we’ve heard so much fuss about. This is a product that launched over a year ago but the initial buzz and fuss passed me by and here’s why. I figured if I needed my ‘mop’ of hair done for something special, I needed a professional blow dry. End of. That’s the way I’ve looked at it for years actually. Yes, I have the luxury of getting my hair blow-dried for work which most definitely is a luxury and I acknowledge that. The spin and excitement around any hair dryer or revolutionary new hair care product didn’t interest me. I just didn’t think it would change anything for me given I have a lot of hair that’s somewhere between wavy, curly and frizzy when left to dry naturally. So, on my days off it would be in a pony-tail or bun.

Cut to now when I have tried the Dyson Supersonic thanks to a working relationship with Harvey Norman where I spent a few days unboxing their biggest and best Christmas gift ideas as part of an ad campaign I fronted. And here’s where I’m at. The Dyson is a game changer. Slick packaging and gorgeous design certainly helps when you first open it but you can expect all of that for the price. The ease of use (it’s ridiculously user friendly too) is refreshing but does it do the job?? It literally blasts your hair like no other hair dryer ever has (I’m assured despite its power it’s actually strengthening your hair rather than damaging it) and when  you read the level of research that goes into any Dyson product,  you do start to believe that.

Did I get a salon finish blow-dry by using it myself? In a word, no. There’s nothing quite like the glossiness that a salon blow dry gives you. However, what I did see was an extremely easy way to smooth and straighten my hair MYSELF. This is actually a game changer for me. It will mean that I don’t need to rush to a salon for every occasion and although I’ll still want a professional blow dry for bigger events, I’ll definitely be happy to do my hair myself and feel confident leaving it down as well as up.

In summary, the price may be hair-raising (it’s €399 in Harvey Norman) but if you’re like me and your time is limited and you can’t always get to a salon for a fancy blow dry, this is the answer. I’ll have to let you know about the quality of my hair and whether it’s being strengthened by it down the line. What I can say is that it definitely hasn’t caused any damage. And it’s saving me a lot of time.

Tip! If you are buying it now, try getting the deal that includes the travel bag. I’m guessing it’s gonna prove handy!

Here’s to lots of happy hair days! X