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Treating Eczema


The Irish Skin Foundation survey has found that children can lose up to 2 days of school per month as a result of eczema. This is the drastic end but many suffer from this chronic skin condition and aren’t sure what changes they need to make.

I should reinforce that I’m an ambassador for the LA ROCHE-POSAY brand (it helps that I loved the skincare brand prior to any official partnership) however regardless of the products you decide to use, there’s some interesting information from both the dermatologist for the brand below and the Irish Skin Foundation.

Consultant Dermatologist with La Roche-Posay, Dr. Niki Ralph who treats patients living with eczema said: “The physical effects of eczema, including painful, inflamed itchy and cracked skin, may result in a range of hidden psychological impacts. These range from families with young children who are in such pain or discomfort that their sleep is interrupted. This leads to worn out children whose concentration is impacted at school. Such sleepless nights may have a negative effect on the entire family unit. What’s more, eczema can affect all ages, including teenagers who may feel uncomfortable under the glare of strangers to adults who are suffering with sleep deprivation and stress from trying to manage their eczema both at home and at work. Regular emollient therapy, such as the use of specially formulated moisturisers, is the cornerstone of the management and treatment of eczema.”

Some Basic tips:

  • Avoid harsh synthetic fabrics
  • Seams
  • Wool
  • Fabrics that do not let the skin breathe
  • Use thin layers rather than one thick layer of clothing


  • Consider using eczema specific clothing (see below)
  • Consider using soft cotton or silk sheets and thin cotton blankets
  • Avoid woolen underlies, blankets and plastic mattress protectors
  • Use Anti-dust mite covers on beds, pillows etc. if an allergy is suspected

Emollient therapy: La Roche-Posay’s Lipikar body skincare range has been specifically designed for very dry to eczema-prone skin for all the family including babies. Formulated with minimalist formulas that work in partnership with the skin, the Lipikar range provides immediate relief of skin discomfort and with regular use, decreases the re-occurrence of flare-ups.

A date for your diary: The Irish Skin Foundation will host SkinSideOut, a first-of-its-kind free public health information and exhibition on Saturday, 16th November, in the Science Gallery, TCD, Dublin. SkinSideOut is open to anyone struggling to manage the everyday challenges of living with chronic, inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. This full-day event will include, a series of talks and panel discussions given by expert medical speakers and patient advocates. For more information on the programme and to register your interest please visit

Eczema Awareness Month runs until the end of September.

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La Roche-Posay’s Lipikar body skincare range has been specifically designed for very dry to eczema-prone skin for all the family including babies.