Props to the teachers; a classy bunch!

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Powerfully expressed and lively. And that's just Graham. His wine is good too!

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Weekender Style: Scarlet Woman!

My weekender wardrobe this weekend consisted of a mixed bag of styles from a pencil skirt from Divine boutique (gorgeous print and stretchy too!) and an old t-shirt of mine from Calvin Klein. I love to contrast formal pieces with casual ones. It was a look that some loved and others didn’t. The joy of fashion eh! Very subjective. Then on Sunday I went with a red lace dress from Dutch brand ‘La Dress’ and although it’s pretty pricey, it’s certainly a dress you’ll have in your wardrobe for some time to come. A ‘take you anywhere’ dress as I like to call them. There’s a lotta love out there for red lace dresses it seems, as I discovered this morning so I’ve put together an edit of similar looks you might like. If you can’t rock a red dress at Christmas then when can you eh?!

Here’s a sample of scarlet dresses that caught my eye and you can be pretty damn sure they’ll catch someone else’s too!